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Stay ahead of the game: how to bring the hottest new fashion trends into your home 8 March, 2010

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Last fortnight, it was Fashion Week around the world once more, which means another round of jaw-dropping fashion shows and new trends to get your head around. Because we know how fast the design world moves, and how overwhelming it can be to see bikinis on sale before it has stopped snowing, we have curated four shop-by-style guides to help you bring the hottest  Autumn/Winter 2010 trends into your home in time for Spring, and stay well ahead of the game.

1.      Ruffles

Image credit: Very Magazine

Playful label Moschino’s A/W collection rocked the ruffles trend with a Western vibe. The good news is, ornate textures are actually easier to work into the home than into one’s wardrobe, and eliminates the rather large risk of looking like you’ve joined the circus.

Cushions are one of the safest ways of channelling romantic textures, and 3D ruffled flower designs are big this season. We particularly like this rose cushion from John Lewis:

Image credit: mydeco

For a little more luxe, a bold but stylish option is a textured wall panel. This set of four by Batali will add a touch of the ornate to any colour scheme.

Buy the complete Ruffles look, curated by our stylist Jenny, here.

2)      Sequins

They’ve been around for a while and judging by Roberto Cavalli’s A/W collection, they’re in it for the long run. But remember, sequins and metallics don’t have to be about head-to-toe, wall-to-floor bling: small touches of sparkle can instantly revamp your home and add a touch of contemporary glamour without looking over the top. Armani’s A/W collection featured dark green pearlescent crocodile skin coats with simple black fur lining for a downplayed feel.

Appliqué cushions and crystal glass accessories provide a quick and easy twinkle, while textured accessories create a youthful, optimistic vibe. We just can’t resist this sequinned cushion from B&Q – at a fiver, it’s a total steal:

Image credit: mydeco

Buy the complete Sequins look here.

3)      Warrior

Image credit: Very Magazine

Think Russell Crowe as Robin Hood meets Joan of Arc. At Versace, fur came in electric blues and oranges, while at Gucci kept it natural in pale greys and taupes. Tassles, shearling jackets and medieval-inspired accessories are all big news next season, and the raw, rough textures make the trend great for your home.

Faux fur throws and leather cushions are timeless ways to channel your inner warrior. We love this rough, tough leather armchair from House of Fraser:

Image credit: mydeco

Buy the complete Warrior look here.

4)      Animal motifs:

At Blumarine, zebra print was a strong player, proving that the trusty animal print is here to stay. It has gone through many an incarnation lately – fluorescent green and pink leopard, gigantic cheetah spots, glittery zebra…  you name it.

An exciting extension of this, and a perfect way to funk up your home, is the animal motif. Animals of all shapes and sizes are cropping up all over the high street: perfect for spring and Easter decorating. You can either go retro, with simple silhouettes and folk-inspired patterns, such as this hare notepad by Helen Minns:

Image credit: mydeco

Alternatively, embrace modern brights with a more contemporary design such as this flamingo chair by Jimmie Martin:

Buy the complete Animal look here.


Trend watch: will you be joining the safari? 9 February, 2010

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Image credit: mydeco

Recently, the safari trend has been making something of a comeback.

A more understated extension of the animal print obsession, ivory tones, sumptuous linens and tan leather are cropping up all over the high street.

No one does understated chic better than uber-cool fashion house Joesph, who have decked out their Fulham Road store with stuffed safari animals. Walking by this weekend, I was immediately transported to a world of dusty wilderness and childish excitement.

The safari trend evokes old-school glamour, elegance and luxury, in neutral tones and sumptuous natural fabrics. Think linen, silk, cotton and leather – this is no place for acrylics or synthetics.

If you’re not heading for the plains anytime soon, invest in apiece by design boutique member and king of African chic, Patrick Mavros – it will never date. We particularly love his Nguni Ottomans:

Image credit: mydeco

Not quite within your budget? Get inspired by ThriftyThea‘s moodboard:

Image credit: mydeco

We’d love to know what you think of the safari resurgence so post a comment below.

Leather sofas: love it or loathe it? 25 January, 2010

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Image credit: John Lewis

According to The Times, more and more people are plumping for leather sofas as they become the hottest thing in interior design. Apparently leather is becoming as commonplace on the high street as it is in high-end bachelor pads.

The paper claims that leather is the material of choice for both the Candy brothers – who kit out some of the most expensive homes in the capital – and the majority of high street shoppers.

Dan Cooper, upholstery buyer for John Lewis, says: “This is a real trend, because these are established sofas; it’s not just because we’ve launched something new. This is a very big increase. Last week leather sofas accounted for 52 per cent of all upholstery sales.”

The trend for leather interiors has been mirrored by the designers behind this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, which features a bordello look – including padded leather walls. Kinky…

What do you think? Is the leather lounge here to stay?

Trend debate: Is animal print here to stay? 23 January, 2010

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Image credit: Shutterstock

Animal prints are selling like hotcakes on the high  street, in countless shapes and sizes.  (Surely there aren’t any real green leopards?)

While some love it, others are becoming allergic. Which camp are you in?


Animal print is a firm staple for any design junkie. It has been around for decades and long may it linger – nothing says stylish more than a streak of leopard or a touch of zebra. Incorporating animal prints into the home is a sure-fire way of jazzing up an old sofa or tired-looking bed covers.

They are playful yet stylish, with a versatile palette and a big impact. Bringing out your wild side, a leopard skin throw tells the world you, too, know how to have fun.  The great thing about leopard or zebra print is that it goes with absolutely anything, and brings out bright colours such as fuchsia or purple perfectly.

So what if it is super trendy? The best things often are.

Image credit: mydeco

Please, no!

Once a trendy statement, leopard skin has plummeted from the style choice of an elite few to the staple of every kid in town. What was once chic and temptingly playful is now reminiscent of a cheap bar or nineties strip club.

It’s not original to work the animal print trend – it’s a cop out. There is a lot to be said for thinking outside the box  and trying something experimental and daring, that is not plastered all over the high street.

And while a streak of leopard can look quite nice, the variations on the animal print trend can be quite ridiculous. Fluorescent pink zebra mugs and rubber snakeskin leggings have no place in anyone’s home, unless it’s 1979.

It’s time to kill animal print once and for all.

mydeco gets a preview of Ben De Lisi’s new collection 21 January, 2010

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Nothing lures the mydeco team out of the office like canapés and freebies – especially when they’re provided by one of our favourite designers. On Wednesday, Ellie and I headed to St Martins Lane hotel for the launch of Ben de Lisi’s range for Principles, which will appear exclusively in Debenhams stores at the beginning of February.

Ben’s home collections have always been a big hit amongst mydeco users, so we were excited to see what he had come up with in his first capsule range of women’s daywear.

Image credit: Debenhams

The clothes, like the event were fairly low-key: simple shifts, prim trench coats and Capri pants provided an urban counterpart to jersey beachwear and teeny-weeny bikinis. Whilst the designer’s signature post box shade of red was still present, it was reserved largely for accessories and hemlines so that nautical blue and white could take centre stage.

Ben described the range as a ‘cohesive, pure collection of clothes that are no-nonsense: not particularly fashion forward, just beautiful designs that people will love to wear.’

Image credit: Debenhams

Unfortunately there were no items from his home collection on display, but when we caught up with Ben after the show he assured us that many of the same themes applied: ‘It’s a very sharp, contemporary collection, full of the same clean lines,’ he said.

Well the lines might be the same, but the colours are much brighter and bolder. Abstract prints adorn cushions and rugs in zesty shades of green, yellow and red, whilst Ella the dog’s legacy lives on in purple. The Principles range may be aimed at women over 40, but these accessories have a fresh, youthful feel that can be enjoyed by De Lisi fans of any age.

Image credit: Debenhams

Being very busy and important, Ben could only chat to us for a few minutes at the launch, but we still managed to get the answer to that all important question…what did his beloved bulldogs get for Christmas?

‘Cable knit sweaters,’ he grinned. In red, naturally.

What do you think of Ben’s new designs? Leave your comment and let us know your thoughts!

2010: The year of layered rugs and wallpapered ceilings 20 January, 2010

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Image credit: Graham & Brown

Every year has its own trend. This year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, homeowners are making their mark with layers of rugs and wallpaper-covered ceilings.

Just like the endless pots of Marmite lurking in the kitchen, these trends have divided the mydeco team already – there are those of us who love it, and those who wouldn’t paper their ceiling for all the tea in China.

Personally, I think layering rugs is a great way to channel next season’s clashing trend, and for indecisive decorators it keeps all the options open. But my ceilings are certainly staying white.

If, however, a patterned ceiling is all you’ve ever dreamt of, listen to the Chronicle’s advice and avoid using the same paper for walls and ceiling before you jump on the bandwagon.

Do you love these trends, or should they be binned before they’ve even begun?

As always, we want to know what you think, so post a comment below!

Black walls for 2010? 19 January, 2010

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Image credit: House of Fraser

It’s a love it or hate it trend – the mydeco team stands divided over the new fetish for black walls.

Interiors site Homes Suite Homes claims that black walls could make a big comeback if we follow the lead of innovative British architect Edwin Lutyens.

“He likes setting off the darkness of walls with crisp white woodwork and the occasional wild-card accent such as a selection of token sofas,” they said. “You can heighten entrance hall ways and living rooms with semi-gloss black walls, a chalk-white vaulted ceiling, doors, and baseboards.”

We love it in theory.

If you have black walls, tell us about them and if you really think they work. (We won’t tell anyone. Promise).

Warning, not for the faint hearted! 18 January, 2010

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Desperately trying to shake off the winter blues?

If you’ve read our clash debate and are all in favour, this season’s trend for bold patterns and bright  colours will be sure to put a spring in your step, without sliding on any ice. Think of big floral prints, dramatic flocks in a range of zesty colours such as fuchsia, acid green and sherbet yellow.

It is all about contrasting colours and creating bold visual statements. We love the combination of Laura Ashley’s flamboyant lime green flock wallpaper mixed with this shocking pink curtain (both coming soon) in an equally glam design.

Image credit: Laura Ashley

If, however, you are in the “please no!” camp regarding clashing colours, and all these bright hues and geometric patterns are a bit much,  keep your walls neutral and add flashes of colour with soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. We love the upcoming range of cushions from Marks & Spencer, especially this quirky dogtooth design.

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

Simple accessories such as lamps, vases and ceramics in eye-catching colours can also give new life to a dull corner of your home.

If you are tired of the grey days of winter don’t be disheartened, Pantone’s colour of the year is turquoise so bring on those visions of tropical waters we say, and splash your way into Spring.

Spring trend watch – Lascivious Lolita 18 January, 2010

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In today’s culture, youth reigns supreme (unless you’re a graduate looking for a job, in which case you’re bottom of the food-chain). Nowhere is the obsession with juvenescence more evident than in fashion – these days it seems models are plucked straight from the womb and then sent tottering down the catwalk.

This Spring, designers have taken their preoccupation with youth a step further – appointing as their muse Nabokov’s infamous nymphet: Lolita. Whilst sweet lace sundresses and gingham two-pieces featured at Chanel and Moschino Cheap and Chic, Prada embraced plastic sunglasses and cherry-red lips.

Image credit: Korcula / A Glimpse of Glamour

The interiors market is always hot on the high-heels of fashion, so it is inevitable that the Lolita trend will be appearing in home stores in the near future as well. Judging by what’s appeared on the catwalk, we can expect kitsch fifties accessories, delicate vintage fabrics and lots of (deep breath) gingham.

Though this trend may be problematic in its origins, the 2010 interpretation of Lolita seems to be more about having fun than sexualising young girls. Last year’s muted palettes reflected the sombre mood of a nation still coming to grips with the recession: this spring designers have reverted to youthful optimism.

Image credit: Lifestylebazaar

Should you choose to embrace this trend, there are various ways to go. If the thought of pastel checks makes you shudder, look instead for pieces that combine girlish innocence with a bit of added raunch, like this teapot (£69.95) from Undergrowth at Lifestylebazaar.

What do you think of the Lolita look? Love it or loathe it, we want to know your thoughts!

Trend debate: To clash or not to clash? 16 January, 2010

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This season, the clash is back in force. In a mish-mash of styles and colours, bright shades sit happily alongside one another in intricate prints and patterns:

Image credit: Kitty

What’s your style verdict on Kitty‘s clashing moodboard? It’s inspired by fashion icon Matthew Williamson and furnished by Habitat but if this isn’t your cup of traditional tea, post your opinion below to spark up the debate – we’d love to know!

To start you off, we’ve battled out the pros and cons of the latest clash fash’:


After a dull winter, who can object to a celebration of bright colours and cheerful patterns? With the punk trend still strong, it’s time we embraced our inner chameleons and ignored what our mothers told us about mixing orange and purple.

Clashing harks back to a time of childish indulgence, having it all right now. Embracing conflicting styles allows you to display all your favourite pieces without constant worry over whether they fit with your colour scheme.

And clashing doesn’t actually have to be bright and bold. Vivienne Westwood’s signature lace wallpaper for Cole & Son combines dusty blues and faded pinks for an oriental feel, while Osborne and Little’s Jewel of Spring design uses warm roses and citrus greens.

And you can always clash on a smaller scale. Take this Clarissa Hulse cushion – it will brighten up any old sofa with a colourful statement.

Image credit: Clarissa Hulse

Please, no!

There is a reason why clashing colours have been firmly sequestered as a ‘don’t even go there’ design no-no:

The reckless punk trend is more indicative of youthful rebellion than lasting style. With so many colours, trippy patterns and bright prints can get tiresome.  Economically speaking, bringing clashing colours into your home could be a costly and short-lived affair, a very important factor after the Christmas splurge!

You also have to consider clashing within the context of urban living. It’s all very well if you live in a rambling country pad, but it could overtake what little space is on offer in the city. The old adage that pale tones and simple patterns maximise space should not be ignored – nor will they date as quickly as haphazard rainbow stripes and fluorescent polka dots.

Are you backing the ‘Hooray!’ or ‘Please, no!’ argument? Let us know by posting your thoughts below.

And if you are lured by bold colours and patterns, plan around what you already have and think twice before you buy!

Let us know what you think: is clashing for you?