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3D rooms get ‘Aliced’ in our Alice in Wonderland competition 12 March, 2010

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Our Alice in Wonderland Facebook treasure hunt might be over, but we’ve got some fantastic Alice 3D rooms from our community to share with you!  Out of 138 entries, here are some of our favourites  from our Alice in Wonderland 3D room competition.

3D room: chezzamc

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: Isaly

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: thisisinteresting

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: djinnstar

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: limina88

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: karma kitten

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: PaiviL

Thanks to everyone who contributed!  This competition was a great success and everyone’s rooms were so creative this was such a hard decision!

Be sure to check out all the entries here


The Queen grows her own 19 June, 2009

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Feeling fruity? The Queen certainly is! In recent weeks she’s jumped on the ‘grown your own’ bandwagon – although Bentley is probably a more appropriate idiom – and has followed the nation by creating a fruit and vegetable patch in their huge 39-acre garden at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is now growing her own veg at Buckingham

The Queen is now growing her own veg at Buckingham

Her healthy venture to grow her own fruit and vegetables has successfully yielded a bounty of Cambridge Favourite strawberries, which were served to her and Prince Phillip on his 88th birthday last week. Her allotment is relatively small in comparison to the carefully manicured garden, but the 4 x 10 plot will still produce a great healthy summer harvest. The fruit and veg planted include rare varieties of tomatoes, beans, lettuce, leeks and carrots as well as a selection of other fresh nutritious food essential to our five-a-day healthy living diet. Being self-sufficient by growing your own food has become a huge phenomenon in the last few years and some cities even have a waiting list of over 400 applicants for allotments.

Not only is the craze eco-friendly, it’s also extremely economical, therapeutic and so easy to do too. Even though I’ve been moving house quite a lot in the last few years, I still cart round my window box herb garden from city to city! It’s become a virtual pet and makes all my meals taste wonderful at no extra expense! Money can’t be a huge worry for the Royal family but the Palace is renowned for its astronomical expenses on maintenance and staff, for example – and the young Prince’s past escapades on ‘borrowed’ helicopters can’t have been cheap either… Public transport may be a bit extreme, not to mention far too common for them, as a suggested way to cut costs but by turning part of the Queen’s garden into a grocers will save them a few bob in these purse-pinching times. Perhaps if she turned the whole 39-acres into a plot she may produce enough to supply a healthy lunch for all her employees. Just an idea, your Majesty.

With plenty of employees, it’s doubtful that the Queen would have muddied her own royal fingernails or perspired on her royal brow toiling over a hot stove with her home-grown produce. However, you can still pay tribute to the effort at Buckingham Palace by keeping regally clean when you cook your own garden grub with a Union Jack cotton kitchen apron (£11.99) from Amazon.

Happy belated Birthday to the Queen! 16 June, 2009

Posted by cleberry in 3D room design.
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It’s that time of year to say Happy Birthday to the Queen, as Saturday was her official birthday!

To celebrate we ran a 3D rooms competition whereby we asked everyone to design a birthday bedroom for the Queen.

Check out the beautiful winning design by user tugche_1987 below.


We love the subtley decadent touches in the soft, sumptuous shades and shapes which we love and think the Queen would too!

If you would like to enter a competition, then head to the competitions page here.