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3D rooms get ‘Aliced’ in our Alice in Wonderland competition 12 March, 2010

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Our Alice in Wonderland Facebook treasure hunt might be over, but we’ve got some fantastic Alice 3D rooms from our community to share with you!  Out of 138 entries, here are some of our favourites  from our Alice in Wonderland 3D room competition.

3D room: chezzamc

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: Isaly

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: thisisinteresting

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: djinnstar

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: limina88

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: karma kitten

Alice in Wonderland

3D room: PaiviL

Thanks to everyone who contributed!  This competition was a great success and everyone’s rooms were so creative this was such a hard decision!

Be sure to check out all the entries here


Room rescue: Sitting in Sweden 20 November, 2009

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Welcome to this week’s room rescue!

The room pictured below was sent in by Lisa Turner, who wants to redecorate the lounge in her Warwickshire home. Her ideal design is a “Swedish style with a dash of Designers Guild.  I’d like to be very modern, with wall lights and no television please!  The brick fireplace takes up three-quarters of the left wall so the problem is arranging seating around this focal point.”

Image credit: The Telegraph

After viewing the many designs offered by our mydeco community members, Lisa selected the one below, created using the mydeco 3D tool by community member Turquoiseshell

Lisa said: “This design has a very modern Scandinavian theme, and looks bright, making good use of the space. The global lighting over the fireplace is very different and something I would definitely like to use. The sleigh benches look a little uncomfortable  though.”

Quite right Lisa, we love the originality of this design, although perhaps it’s a little more Eastern than Scandinavian in style? The sleigh benches could be comfortable given the right cushions, and let’s not forget there’s plenty of room to snuggle up on that fantastic sofa! Good choice, Turquoiseshell.

Unfortunately, mydeco design board member Kelly Hoppen was not quite as enthusiastic:

Image credit: The Telegraph

“I really do not like this design. Why would you use turquoise when you are working with the brick work?! I would have added a dark wood floor and darkened the beams to match. If the fireplace is to be made a feature of then a roaring fire would be a must. Palette wise a rich cream, terracotta and complimentary natural tones would look beautiful. The furniture looks wrong in the room. It looks like the designer has tried to recreate a Majorcan villa in an English country house! No, no, no.”

Well Kelly might be the expert, but I’m sure most of you will agree that style is a matter of personal taste, and Turquoiseshell has been very considerate of Lisa’s specifications when creating this room.

Coming in a very close second was the design offered by 3rd floor (pictured below).

Lisa said: “The reason I chose 3rd floor as second was the use of 3 table lights around the sofas as it really draws your eye around the room, and i like the bench in front of the fire-place which I will definitely copy.”

Well it sounds like Lisa has found plenty of inspiration to redecorate her living room, and we wish her the best of luck!

Turquoiseshell’s winning design will be featured in the Telegraph tomorrow.

Think you can do better? Put your design skills to the test and redesign next week’s room. Or to enter a room in your house for a redesign, email a high resolution photograph to roomrescue@mydeco.com.

Room Rescue Week 6: Moira picked Lisa R as her top re-designer! 13 November, 2009

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Room rescue week 6 Lisa R's designThis is the beautiful winning 3D room redesign, created by community member Lisa R and picked by the owner of the original room, Moira. The room will be featured in The Telegraph on Saturday 14th November so Lisa will get the attention she deserves for her design talent!

We love the fresh Autumnal hues and bold retro prints which really bring the room to life. The wooden furnishings and giraffe art also give the room a modern, tribal look. Room rescue week 6 John Lewis Cushion

Kelly Hoppen says of this design; ‘The saving grace of this design is the sofa. The green chairs are very unusual and I quite like them. I would rip out the fireplace and I really don’t like the carpet.’ Well, it’s not up to her is it? It’s Moira’s choice.  And anyway, the carpet isn’t carpet – it’s rugs!

room rescue week 6 Loveseat

Moira says of why she chose this design;

‘I must confess it has been difficult making a choice as there is not one single design I would really really choose. There are features in several I like but not always the combinations shown.

So the two I quite like are the ….Giraffes ….because it is fresh, colourful and would be quite cosy with the fire on! It makes good use of the space without being clutterd.Think I would choose a different colour of sofa  – not my favourite green. Plus having been to Africa several times I am very fond of giraffes!

But my daughter likes Funkiliscious (by user rt01268), which I like too especially for its colour scheme. But sadly it doesn’t seem to be quite finished especially with the TV behind the vase?’

494050.jpeg_556x435_q85Whilst the decision is up to Moira, she probably doesn’t know how tricky the 3D planner can be in balancing objects on top of one another.. Do you agree with Moira? Please leave a comment below!

Here is the room ‘before’:

Room rescue Week 6 Moira's loungeMoira said of the original room:

“We have been in our house for 5 years and feel as though the lounge needs a revamp! Trying to persuade my husband is another matter – he is too busy with other jobs and not keen to tackle redecorating right now. We live in a beautiful spot in the north of Scotland not far from Inverness. One consideration re design is that we have two teenagers!”

To read more visit The Telegraph and the mydeco competitions page, where you can enter your own 3D room redesign of the room entered for Room Rescue, Week 9 – now live. Good luck!

Room Rescue: A funky Fulham redesign 26 October, 2009

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Hi I’m Kelly Hoppen and welcome to week three of the Room Rescue Campaign!

Each week Telegraph readers put forward a room in their house for a 3D makeover by mydeco.com users. I then take the opportunity to assess their favourite design.


This week’s Room Rescue is Emma North’s spare bedroom in Fulham. She has not looked at it since moving in several months ago. “I want friends to fight over staying with me,” she says.

Room rescue 1

Image credit: Emma North

Emma selected a design by mydeco.com user Chloe Macintosh.

room rescue 2

Image credit: Chloe Macintosh

This is a very different and inviting design. I especially love the use of the tall shutters, they make the room.

Think you can do better? Put your design skills to the test and redesign next week’s room. Or to enter a room in your house for a redesign, email a high resolution photograph to roomrescue@mydeco.com.

Introducing: Through the Keyhole 19 October, 2009

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Emma's-flat- photo 1

mydeco is proud to launch our latest feature, ‘Through the Keyhole’, where we’ll showcase an inspiring real home each week. Not only will you be able to pick up some design ideas, but we’ll be adding commentary and top tips from mydeco editors, and showing you how to re-create the look in your own home.

Excited? You’d better be, because we most certainly are!

If you’re proud of your home and would like to be featured on the UK’s biggest online design community, please email your photos to us at editors@mydeco.com or upload them to your mydeco profile and email us the link.

To kick things off, we picked the Victorian conversion of Emma Rooke from South London. We were bowled over by Emma’s confident splash of orange in her living room, creating an energetic modern look in a Victorian flat.

Emma says: “It’s a small living room so we wanted to keep it uncluttered, while making it feel warm and cosy. I love bright colours and although the orange looked a bit bright in the pot, it makes the most of the sunlight coming in through the large front windows, and I think we’ve tamed it a bit with the grey sofa. If I ever get bored of it, we can quickly update the look with a new colour scheme as the furniture is all relatively neutral.”

Living room - front view

We say: We love that orange! The bold colour really makes Emma’s gorgeous fireplace stand out, and we love how she has cleverly made the alcoves her feature walls instead of the main chimney breast; the orange could have drowned out the beautiful white mantelpiece.

The minimal lines of the sofa are a brilliant contrast with the period fireplace and the sunblushed rug works well against the wooden parquet floor. The bookshelf is a great innovative feature – who says a bookshelf has to hold books?!

Emma's-flat- pic 2

Yellow orchids are in keeping with the vibrant citrus colour scheme.

Yellow orchids are in keeping with the vibrant citrus colour scheme.

A pair of these modern table lamps makes the bookcase into a feature.

A pair of these modern table lamps makes the bookcase into a feature.

Get Emma’s look: We’ve found the pieces from Emma’s flat to help you recreate her look for a total of £1,400. View the moodboard.

Through the keyhole moodboard

Moodboard: Katy Kimbell

Emma’s floorplan: Click on the floorplan below to view her room in 3D. You can even copy it, re-decorate, or add new furniture.

3D floor plan.JPG EMMA

3D model: Daniele Babusci

Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your comments about Emma’s home, and our new ‘Through the Keyhole’ feature.

If you’d like your home to be featured please email your pictures to editors@mydeco.com.

Add your own pictures to 3D rooms! 17 June, 2009

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This will come as great news for those of you who love designing 3D rooms and being experimental with it too. Sam, our technical guy, just tweeted on twitter that we can now upload any images into our 3D rooms.

This means you can use whatever image you like as wallpaper for the rooms, and even use your holiday photos to set the scene that you can see through your windows! The possibilities are literally endless..

For more information on ‘how to’ go to our facebook fan page (and don’t forget to become a fan!) where you can also see a link to a room we made a few hours ago, using some lovely cloud photos to decorate the walls of an otherwise boring room!

The instructions are under the ‘boxes’ tab in the latest discussion.

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Cleberry xx

Be inspired: Gorgeous garden by community member Sputnik 12 June, 2009

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Congratulations to community member Sputnik, who designed this striking 3D garden and won the Gorgeous Gardens competition! We are inspired by the simple elegance and chic style of the space, where we would love to spend the summer..


See more of Sputnik’s designs here.

Don’t worry if you didn’t enter, we are currently running plenty of brilliant competitions which you can take part in. Be sure to keep your eye on our competitions page.

Tech update: Rendering problems in 3D rooms today 3 June, 2009

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This morning I have been informed that we have had a few problems with our 3D rendering machines. The technical team have restarted the machines and are searching for the cause. They will go about fixing it as soon as they find it – hopefully by having the rendering back to normal by the end of the day.

What does this mean for you? Well if you have published a room in the last 24 hours, there is the chance the render may not be what you are used to. You have probably noticed already, as the furniture will come out black/wrong colours or you may not receive a render at all.

If this has affected you, hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of the day, so in the mean time I suggest re-saving and re-publishing your rooms this afternoon, and a new, better render will appear.

Email at community@mydeco.com with room name and details of problem if your rooms are still not fixed by tomorrow!


We have improved community competitions 2 June, 2009

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Good morning!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been set on improving your experience in the community section of mydeco, by answering your questions and listening to your suggestions.

A few community members said they would prefer it if other members didn’t copy their 3D room designs or moodboards and present them as their own, with no mention of the original creator. This is especially frustrating for people when the copier enters the copy into a competition, and starts gaining votes for something that they did not do.

So now, when a 3D room is copied, the original creator’s name is automatically added to the copy, so everyone knows who really created it.

This means that new people can still be inspired and easily get started, as they are still able to copy established designers rooms, but without annoying that designer.

It also impossible now to enter a copied room into a competition.

Also, competitions are much fairer as more entries are displayed on the page, so your entries may get more votes.

Hooray! xx