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Should Odeon boycott Alice in Wonderland? 23 February, 2010

Posted by CandidaB in Candida's blog.
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Having gone all-out crazy for Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie – if you haven’t yet heard about our amazing competition, you should have – we were shocked to hear that Odeon and Vue were recently debating boycotting the whole affair.

The reason? Disney have been pushing for an early DVD release after just 12 weeks after the usual 17. The cinema big-wigs are worried that this will set a new precedent for shorter screening times. Personally, I think anyone would be mad to forgo a trip down the rabbit hole in Imax 3-D for a pokey DVD at home, but others may differ.

In the end, Vue and Cineworld have agreed to screen the film anyway (good on them), and Odeon are screening it in Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany with the usual 17-week window.

So, if you miss it here, there’s always an excuse to pop across the Channel…



1. watch alice in wonderland movie - 25 February, 2010

This is one of the great movie… i will be watching this ..
Btw, when it be aired in the philippines?

2. KP - 25 February, 2010

Somebody needs to start a Facebook campaign boycotting *ODEON* instead.
They are ultimately hurting the cinema-goers.

Granted they are looking out for their own interests, but they need to get with the times. This day and age people are unwilling to wait for releases and will turn to piracy.

Until the day when there is WORLDWIDE release of movies in both cinema and retail dvd’s etc at the same time there will be rampant piracy..

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