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Newsflash: London is the most cramped city in Europe 17 February, 2010

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Earlier this week, you may have caught the BBC’s programme, Inside Out London, exploring the problem of ever-decreasing housing space in the big smoke.

Apparently, England is the only country in the EU without space standards. Which explains why buyers and renters alike are often horrified at the tiny offering available on their budget – myself included.

Girls need clothes, clothes need closet space… Carrie Bradshaw has said it all a hundred times, and she’s got a point.

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But which country is the most cramped? While New York and Japan used to top the list, it seems we are hot on their heels, and we’re not alone.

Bethany, our social media whizz, used to rent in New York:  “Space is an absolute premium in NYC.  The worst place I lived was a makeshift room in the attic of a converted 1 bedroom East Village flat that four of us shared.  A bedsheet for a door/dividing wall, no windows, and a six-foot ceiling…and the rent was still jaw-droppingly ridiculous!”

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When I rented in Paris, the bang / buck ratio was pretty disappointing too. As cute as it was, my bedsit was so small I could pretty much fry an egg from the shower.

Ellen, our social media manager, used to live near Berlin: “While Berlin and other East German cities are renowned for their spacious digs, renting houses is less common in most cities. Most people live in flats.  You don’t usually have a garden and any flat share which has a separate living room  is considered pretty luxurious.”

So it would seem that no matter where you are, urban living spaces are shrinking fast. If you’re drowning in clutter, we have some tips from Sir Terence Conran to help you get rid of it.

And whether you suffer cramped conditions in the city, or rattle around a rambling countryside mansion, we want to hear about it so post a comment below.



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