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Ten resolutions you will actually enjoy this Lent 15 February, 2010

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It is pancake day on Tuesday. Which also means it’s Lent.

But before you sigh in dread, remember that Lent doesn’t have to be about pretending you can give up alcohol / chocolate / cigarettes / sex for forty days and nights, and failing miserably after three: it can be a time for constructive change.

Which is why we have come up with ten resolutions for your home that will take the sting out of abstinence and put a smile on your face.

1. Give up watching TV
It’s a cliche, but they do exist for a reason. Get off the sofa and read a book or do something constructive. Top of our list is A Single Man.

Knitting is also surprisingly fun and all the rage right now. If it’s cool enough for the Shoreditch set, it’s cool enough for us.

2. Give up yelling at your kids/husband/flatmate to tidy up
…and invest in some pretty storage. Gone are the days when storage meant ugly crates shoved under the bed: get creative and invest in boxes you can be proud of. We bet they last more than forty days.

3. Use your kitchen
Even if you can only boil a potato, it’s better than munching on processed food. Take inspiration from Julie and Julia and try a new recipe every night during Lent.

4.  Stop wasting money on fresh herbs this Spring
… when you can grow them yourself. Anyone who has nurtured a basil leaf to life will know how much more delicious it tastes when it comes from your own windowsill. And since by then you’ll be a culinary whizz à la Meryl Streep, why not  try making fresh pesto? It’s as easy as pie and even more tasty.

5. Give up chemical cleaners
Standard synthetic sprays are, like, so last season. Eco-friendly cleaners are the way forward – even Martha Stewart has hopped on the bandwagon. Need we say more?

6. Stop wasting electricity
Going green is old news; but old habits die hard. If you leave the TV on standby or boil your kettle four times before you remember to make a cup of tea – don’t.

If you really want a challenge, give up electricity full stop for a month.

7. Give up snoring…
… for a happier home. We know it’s largely out of your control, but they have the right idea over in Massachusetts: snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked. We kid you not. Coincidentally, they also have the lowest divorce rate in the US.

8. Stop buying things you don’t need
… and save for things you do. It’s worth it, and you know it.

9. Get rid of bland magnolia
Take a leap of faith and ditch bland colour schemes for something a little more risky; you owe it to yourself and your home. Check out our 3-D rooms for inspiration.

10. Give up reading trashy magazines
… and go on mydeco instead. Print is old news. We are the future.



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