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Trend Alert: Will you try the double denim look? 10 February, 2010

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Image credit: Stefanie Grace’s ‘Double Denim’ blog

We are very excited about the arrival of London Fashion week on the 19th February.

One of the big trends we can’t get enough of is denim.  We are not just talking jeans thrown on with a floaty top, we are talking full head to toe, double denim.  I saw Stefanie Grace’s blog –  check it out, they are all at it: Chloe, House of Holland and Ralph Lauren.  Denim overload or what………it seems like the fashion world can’t get enough of the stuff.

Will we go the same way in our homes?  Fancy covering your walls in head to toe denim?  Believe it or not but the little lift in my flat has a faux denim interior…yes I know, not sure who thought of that one.  You feel like you are walking into someone’s indigo clad back pocket.

If a denim dining room is not your thing, you can still get the look by adding small accents of blue and indigo to your home.  We love this hand-made denim cushion (£29) from design boutiques’ Eco Emporium.  Each one is original and comes complete with Levi tags and stitched seams..or whatever else was on the original jeans they use.

Image credits: Eco Emporium, denim cushion and John Lewis, French Blue mug

I am personally lusting after Heal’s indigo table lamp (£165). But you don’t have to go designer to double your denims, this chunky blue mug from John Lewis costs £3.  You can even do the dishes in denim with these stylish indigo stripe tea towels (£5.75 for 3)….mmm, don’t I have an exciting life!

Image credits: Heals, Indigo table lamp and John Lewis, Indigo stripe tea towels



1. Clare St Lawrence - 10 February, 2010

Love your blog – keep it up. Just let me know how to get the stuff in Ecuador.

2. A. Goldie - 11 February, 2010

Love the denim cushion – might try and make some myself. Glad denim is making a big comeback.

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