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Salmon skin hits the catwalks 26 January, 2010

Posted by celiastuartmenteth in Celia's blog.
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Image credit: Freestyle Magazine

Forget the leather sofa, salmon skin may be the way forward.  When we spied on Freestyle Magazine’s blog the idea of using salmon skin on the catwalk, at Berlin’s Mercedez Benz fashion week no less, we just had to share it with you.

We know it sounds strange, but there is a way of transforming those scaly, smelly skins into, believe it or not, soft supple white leather.  It got us thinking, if you can use it in fashion, surely it can be tried in interiors?

No way, I am sure you are thinking.  I agree, slipping off your salmon-ey sofa and reeking of fish does not sounds a tempting prospect, but it’s claimed (although I would like to get my hands on some before I believe it), salmon skin is longer lasting and more durable than traditional cow hide.

Image credit: Freestyle Magazine

In some processes, the skins go through a rigorous pummeling process before they are declared supple enough.  The scales are then picked off with tweezers or pliers….ok I am not really sure that I am selling this, but the main thing to remember is that IT DOESN’T SMELL.  Also from a style point of view, it has an exotic quality to it and a sought after distinctive pattern.

One could pull the eco card and argue that jumping on the salmon skin bandwagon is a good way of using the natural waste that comes from fish farming.  New natural vegetable dyes have also been developed to  preserve the skins and enable them to retain their organic quality.

I can’t help feeling that I need something stronger than a couple of carrots to sway me.

What do you think? Does the idea appeal to you, or are you in the ‘feed-your-left-over-skins-to-the-cat’ camp?



1. CandyShelton - 26 January, 2010

I think salmon skin sounds like a great new leather alternative. If you’re pulling out the eco card, forget it – this is no vegan substitute. But uncured leather stinks too, as anyone who has hauled a pair of Moroccan slippers back to England should know! I will be interested to see if this trend hangs around.

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