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Are dining rooms redundant? 22 January, 2010

Posted by CandidaB in Candida's blog.
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Can you remember the last time you sat in a dining room other than Christmas? I am hard pushed myself…

With living spaces becoming smaller by the minute, more and more of us are embracing open-plan living. After all, why waste precious space with walls?

This is bad news, however, for dining rooms, as the kitchen expands to accommodate cooking, eating, chatting, watching television and even working.
According to Halifax Home Insurance, the demise of the dining room has been long coming, with more than half a million dining room walls knocked through in the past year.

Kitchen and dining-room designer Johnny Grey sees the dividing line between those who are pro-dining room, and those who are not, as a lifestyle choice.
“In London, where there is a shortage of space and where the homes are more intensively used, most of our clients have abandoned dining rooms in favour of open-plan living. But our clients with country properties tend to persevere with a dining room, even if they only use it on special occasions.”

It seems to me, though, that the divide goes deeper than country vs. urban. Dining rooms belong to an era when formality was respected and nibbling on the sofa watching television was unheard of.

If you are lucky enough to still have a dining room and it needs a bit of sprucing up for 2010, we have hundreds of finds to suit any style.

And if you don’t have one, we want to know why!



1. Jo Marle - 22 January, 2010

I am so not a fan of open plan living – I hate the thought of my lovely sofa and cushions asborbing all those kitchen smells. Ideally I think eat in kitchens are the way forward (if you have the space) but that means the end of the formal dinning room.

2. Kitchen and dining - 25 January, 2010

This is shocking to me, half a million dining room walls knocked through last year….This shows the shortage of space in urban areas.

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