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Sanderson: celebrating 150 years of English chintz 12 January, 2010

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A big anniversary demands recognition, and what better way could there be to celebrate than to collaborate? British wallpaper company Sanderson are commemorating 150 years with a sculpture by contemporary artist Nina Saunders and a collection of Sanderson shoes designed by Tracey Neuls. This fusion of art, fashion and decorating will appear in Neuls’ Marylebone shop in February –  just in time for London Fashion Week.

Image credit: Sanderson

Both the shoes and the sculpture will employ reissued vintage Sanderson textiles from the company’s extensive archive. Nina’s art installation – set to follow the same ‘morphed’ theme as previous works using Sanderson fabric – will fit in nicely with the eclectic displays in Neuls’ store. ‘A collaboration that combines three completely different disciplines and generates contradictions like classic/ avant-garde, or heritage/ timeless is exactly what 29 Marylebone Lane is about’, says Neuls.

Image credit: Sanderson

If you prefer seeing chintz on your walls to wearing it on your feet, fear not – the Sanderson design team have also put together a special collection of 16 prints and wallpapers, featuring designs dating from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s.

Image credit: Sanderson

Finally, for those of you who love to learn, there will be a Sanderson exhibition at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum running from March until June. The best designs from Sanderson’s archive will be showcased alongside new collections, with prints to satisfy a plethora of tastes: from fifties festival designs and Pop patterns to contemporary decor.



1. Annie Deakin - 12 January, 2010

Am wondering if I’m a closet chintz fan as I’m counting down the days till the Sanderson exhibition in March… those shoes are too brilliant, good find Katie x

2. Tia - 12 January, 2010

Chintz was always cool with me. Glad it’s making a ‘comeback.’

3. Ellie Joslin - 12 January, 2010

I’m not the hugest fan of chintz but Sanderson’s sofa is so intriguing with it’s tactile use of form and pattern. And the way it almost ‘points’ towards us in the image is really alluring…

Uh oh, I may have just been converted…

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