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New Years Resolutions 4 January, 2010

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One of my new years resolutions this year is to be more Eco friendly, as a designer it is always important to see not only how our environment around us affects us but also how we affect that environment – not just in the home but around the world.  As a person I am always looking to be environmentally friendly – I don’t drop rubbish, I recycle, I don’t waste water – but this year it is really important to see how our design choices affect the world.  This blog (and quite a few throughout the year) are going to be focusing on Eco friendly products and companies. 

Image Credit: Debbie Wijskamp

These “Paper Cabinets”  are made with papier-mâchécoupled with traditional woodworking methods, the artist Debbie Wijiskamp hand forms the recycled paper pulp into molds, and then assembles the parts into amazing white furniture pieces that will definately be a talking point.

Image Credit: Who’s Glass

Using glass bottles collected from within a 10 mile radius of their studio, Who’s Glass’ ware has been reformed from Coca-Cola and Corona beer glass bottles from local pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafés and campsites. Did you know that reforming existing glass products is 90% more efficient than re-melting the glass into raw materials and working from scratch. Millions of tonnes of glass is used in the UK every year and over a million ends up in landfill! The energy saved from recycling one bottle will power a 100W light bulb for almost an hour or a computer for 25 minutes, or a television for 20 minutes! Amazing I feel more Eco friendly already!

If you think of one I’ve missed please give me an email through at kia@kiadesigns.co.uk i’d love to hear about how you think design could and should be more Eco friendly



1. David Beaulieu - 4 January, 2010

My New Year’s resolutions for landscaping my yard can be grouped in terms of 3 themes: enjoyment, planning and low maintenance — all of which are worthy goals.

Landscaping novices should think of these Top 10 New Year’s resolutions as a call to action. Meanwhile, old pros at landscaping their yards will at least find my suggestions useful for dispelling the winter blues. Indeed, as I argue in this article, even breaking all of the entries in my list would serve a useful purpose!

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