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mydeco chats to…Marc Newson 31 December, 2009

Posted by Bethany Wrede Peterson in Bethany's blog, Interviews.
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Image credit: Marc Newson

Australia-born designer Marc Newson, a member of the mydeco design board, has designed everything imaginable from mobile phones to a private jet and footwear for Nike. His designs have infiltrated the pop culture appearing in Madonna’s videos and in Austin Powers films. He talks about his sex toy and his childhood dream.

I am… an industrial designer.

My personal style is… difficult to define, at least it is difficult to define for me. It’s a little bit like I can’t see the wood for the trees. I am submerged in my own world. It is sometimes difficult for me to step out and analyse a style, difficult to discern a style and a way I do things.

Magis Nimrod low chair by Marc Newson. Image credit: Nest

I am truly… nomadic which is one of the good things about my job. It’s a very international occupation that obliges you to work in all of these different places.

I designed a Myla sex toy… ten years ago. It’s an interesting thing to be asked to do.

Designing the subaugal space craft stems… from a childhood dream.

My job is… like a hobby. What I do now is all I have ever dreamt of and all I can really do. I am working on about 20 projects at the moment. There are so many things that attract my attention and focus.

Felt chair by Marc Newson. Image credit: Design Shop UK

I trained as a… jeweller over 20 years ago but I never really practised as a jeweller. The only reason I did it was to learn how to make things.

mydeco is… interesting. I don’t know anything that exists like it. It was only a matter of time before someone did a similar project. I sincerely think that it’s a good idea. It works well with a seamless and spontaneous process. mydeco helps to procure things and makes the process of choosing design easier.

Magis dish doctor by Marc Newson. Image credit: Nest

I would describe myself as… a perfectionist. As a designer you have to be. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong job.

Shop for designs by Marc Newson

Marc Newson has joined mydeco! See his profile.



1. D'Oliveira - 27 February, 2010

Great post!
I really need some visual inspiration like this!
I’m having inspiration in some designers like this one, Marcel Wanders, Studio Job, Boca do Lobo or Delightfull.
I really enjoyed your blog. I’ll come back to see what you post next!
See this site I found.
It’s amazing.
Keep Posting!

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