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Stranded customers bed down in John Lewis 23 December, 2009

Posted by vickyharrison in Daily news, Vicky's blog.

If you had to choose anywhere to be snowed in overnight, a bed store definitely has the edge over the M4. Our favourite snowy story this morning is that of the creative staff at John Lewis who set up beds for stranded shoppers as reported in the Daily Telegraph.

When heavy snow hit High Wycombe, 54 staff,  30 adult customers and 20 children were trapped in the department store overnight. Deborah Strazza, managing director of the store said ‘There was no way that I was going to throw customers out into that, or my own partners, and we just had to make use of what we had got. Basically we made up the beds and they all snuggled down in the bed department.”

Whilst the novelty might have quickly worn off for the adults, the stranded kids “absolutely loved it. They thought they were in Toy Story.”

Read the full story at the Daily Telegraph. Does anyone have any similar stories? Have you been stranded in a department store? Or anywhere better? We want to know!



1. Anna - 23 December, 2009

Good old John Lewis – that is the most brilliant and heart-warming story I’ve heard all week – very festive!

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