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Furniture iPhone apps – futile or fabulous? 22 December, 2009

Posted by Annie Deakin in Annie's blog.
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Image credit: House of Fraser

This month, House of Fraser and IKEA unveiled iPhone apps showcasing their 2010 catalogues.
But, does it make sense for a furniture shop to launch an iPhone app?
With more than 110,000 iPhone apps flooding the market and two billion downloaded, the choice is dizzying – these furniture iPhone apps make me wonder… is it all too much?

It is curious that IKEA have chosen to launch a free iPhone application when very few of their products are sold online (yet). Their app is little more than a portable, digital version of a paper catalogue – useful for inspiration but a little frustrating that you can’t shop through it. You can’t (yet) search by keyword, bookmark products or click to order.

House of Fraser’s iPhone app Perfect Presents helps customers shop for gifts by highlighting new arrivals, top bestsellers and latest trends across the home and fashion sectors.

Among tech circles, 2009 will probably be remembered as the year of the iPhone app. Earlier this summer, Christie’s launched an iPhone app showcasing lots digitally.
Are furniture iPhone apps futile or fabulous?
Let me know and post a comment below.



1. Jan - 22 December, 2009

I’m going with futile on this one.
Battery life !

2. eleanorjoslin - 22 December, 2009

The overall verdict is going to have to be futile – 110,000 iPhone apps is toooo many (I don’t even have one, I’m so overwhelmed by the choice, most of which is rubbish) although it is great for info on the move.

In addition, if you can’t shop online then Ikea’s app will be attractive to the ‘browse online, buy offline’ crowd only.

Verdict – good idea but don’t join the bandwagon – do something different!

3. NIKITAKTAK - 23 February, 2010

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