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Can patchwork ever be stylish? 9 December, 2009

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About seven years ago, on a trip to Guatemala, I purchased a colourful hand-made patchwork quilt. It livened up my student bedroom no end, but once the student days were over, it  seemed a bit dated, a bit budget, a bit scruffy – something you might find in an old aunt’s house, a Louisa May-Alcott novel, or student digs. Fast forward a few years, and dated, budget and scruffy have transformed into thrifty, eco and crafty. In other words, bang on trend: patchwork is going to be big news for 2010.

Limited edition Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, designed by Tal R for Fritz Hansen

It all started last year when manufacturer Fritz Hansen celebrated 50 years of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair by launching 50 limited edition versions of them in patchwork. Suddenly patchwork seemed a bit cool again. Now we find Urban Outfitters (America only at the moment) with a range of patchwork quilts and pillows; upholstery artist Ginny Avison launching a new ‘Tuscany’ patchwork design across her range of handmade sofas, chairs and footstools; and fashion designer Lu Flux dedicating her entire Spring/Summer 2010 collection to the design; not to mention the ever wonderful Squint, which has recently launched its Heritage Collection in Harrods.

Patchwork Collection, launching Feb 2010 at ReVampt.

As if that wasn’t enough, specialist handmade accessories and furnishings company, ReVampt is launching a new collection of patchwork items for February 2010. These have been made using a mix of contemporary and vintage reclaimed fabrics – mainly denim – and are being launched to coincide with the Victoria & Albert’s museum’s exhibition, Quilts 1700-2010, which opens on 20 March. Over the course of the exhibition, ReVampt owner and designer, Sarah Baulch will be running a two day patchwork quilt workshop and re-working textile workshop – ideal for those who’d like to get involved. As for me, I’ll be fishing out that Guatemalan quilt again. It’ll cheer me up no end over gloomy January and February.

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1. Commercial Interior Designer - 10 December, 2009

I used to think that patchwork has that “passe” impression on a design. But I saw this theme in a magazine and started using that patchwork heme on my son’s room. It liven up my son’s room.

2. chriscaff - 25 November, 2010

I think patchowrk is the way to go in these days of austerity and folk haing to thing twice before they throw things away. It’s always been a hooby of mine, although there hasn’t been much time for it for a long while, I’m at it again…cushions for the lounge.

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