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Vintage fads 3 December, 2009

Posted by kiadesigns in mydeco guest blogger.
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Fads are one of my pet hates.  People who indulge in fads buy things simply because someone else has bought it and, let us be realistic, we have all been there!  I think the best example that I can cite, comes from a few years back when people began to wear yellow rubber bracelets in support of Lance Armstrong’s Cancer trust.  This was a fantastic idea for a great cause but soon the situation spiralled out of control and people began to wear a ridiculous amount of bracelets supporting any number of causes.  It got to the point where it looked like certain people had a Fruit Pastels Ice Lolly stuck to their wrist.  This is the definition of a fad: people becoming obsessed with something because everyone else is obsessed.

With regard to ‘Vintage’ the same rules apply: EVERYTHING can be fashionable if it is put in the correct setting.  In the 90s the 1960s retro look was seen as gruesome – now is the sleek and trendy: the question is; why did you have to wait for your neighbour to jump first?  If you see a vintage piece that is the flavour of the month PLEASE walk past – go and buy that piece that you begrudgingly admire and watch as you become the leader with an army of lemmings marching behind you!

Image credit: American Retro London

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