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Unique pimped-up furniture at minimal cost and maximum fun! 26 November, 2009

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There are some things that kids just know not to do.  Do not draw on that wall!  No you cannot stick that sticker on that closet!  The list goes on …

Such responses are usually knee-jerk reactions that are built into one’s psyche but let us explore the psychological reasons behind such responses.  As adults we quickly calculate that any attempt made by a child to ‘improve’ our home or furniture will end in an artistic disaster (to put it politely) so we say ‘NO’!  The question is, why do we impose such restrictions upon ourselves?

Image credit: Dwell

If we buy a solid walnut screen (like this one pictured which can be bought from Dwell for £399) it becomes our property so surely if we then wished to spray paint it dark maroon and stick dried pasta onto it we would be well within our rights …

Dwell recently invited me to ‘pimp’ up their solid walnut  screen so I enlisted the aid of talented local artist ‘Mr_Karno’ (www.mrkarno.com) and we really went to town!  For contractual reasons I cannot yet post the end result but it would be accurate to state that it will turn some heads at the launch party at Covent Garden this Tuesday!

The moral of the story – destroy a piece of furniture in the name of art: all you need is some spray paint, some random  bits and bobs from around the house and a BIG imagination!

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