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Tuesday’s news: Lady with the lamp, Carla’s castle and traffic at breakfast 24 November, 2009

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Good morning faithful flock, we’ve shaken off our Monday blues here at the mydeco office (it’s like someone has slipped happy pills into the water supply) and everyone is jovially hard at work. Read on to see the fruits of our efforts, with a selection of the latest and greatest in design news.

mydeco’s pick of the top three news stories:

1. Design Milk : Mary had a little lamp

Image credit: Design Milk

Ever had that morning-after horror, when you roll over in bed and realise that you didn’t come home alone last night? Well imagine that you awoke to find that not only do you have company…but he has a lamp for a head. Scary. Still, should you decide to invest in this lamp to stop you feeling lonely when going to bed with nothing more than a good book, I would advise against Danielle Steel. Trust me, it’s bound to end badly.

2. Telegraph : Carla Bruni’s Castle for sale

Image credit: The Telegraph

Once upon a time there was a little girl, whose grandfather was the king of all the tyre-manufacturers in the land. The little girl grew up in a beautiful 11th century castle in Italy, complete with frescos, marble floors, and 173 acres of parkland to frolic upon. When the little girl grew up, she dropped out of school, became a model, and dated Mick Jagger. Now she lives in a different palace, and her old one is on sale for $28m. Follow the link to find more information on how you can buy it and live happily ever after.

3. dornob: Traffic-stopping style cone-shaped breakfast set

Image credit: dornob

The alarm goes off, and you grudgingly drag yourself out of bed. Those who have risen earlier greet you with a cheery ‘good morning’, and you discover feelings of unadulterated hatred you never thought yourself capable of. What could possibly make 6am worse? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Pierre Lescop’s traffic-cone shaped breakfast-set.

The best of the rest:

dornob : Amazing home atrium and multi-level interior garden design

Daily Mail: Why Bread’s Jean Boht is selling her £2.25m home in Reigate

Daily Mail: Why estate agents also shared the joy of Magnificent Seven’s lottery win

Daily Mail: Average cost of fixed rate mortgage falls below 5% for first time in 5 months

Daily Mail: As number of empty shops in Britain soars, why are local councils turning down bids to turn them into homes?

The Guardian: All fired-up: Wood burning stoves

The Guardian: Let’s move to…Cromer

The Guardian: Myspace: Alan Yentob, editor and TV presenter

Want more? Well, make sure you join us again tomorrow for Wednesday’s instalment of design news.



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