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Friday’s News: Purple rain, a modern neck of the woods and new from Fisher Price… 20 November, 2009

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Another year of Children in Need, another charity single. As a northern lass, I usually look forward to each of Peter Kay’s new endeavours, but the thought of a second ‘Amarillo’ plaguing the charts fills me with dread.  Nevertheless, mydeco wishes the best of luck to those of you who are raising money, at home, school or in the office today. If you have a spare minute between the face painting and sponsored waxing, make sure you take a look at our selection of Friday’s best design news.

mydeco’s pick of the top three news stories:

1. dornob: Colourful  ceiling shower concept seeks extra long curtain

Image credit: dornob

Sans curtain, this minimalist shower is probably only suitable for the exhibitionists amongst you. Created by innovative Italian company Antonio Lupi, the design utilises chromotherapy (that’s different coloured lighting to you and me), shifting from hues of red, green, purple and blue for the ultimate relaxing shower experience.

2. dornob: Rustic modern plus rural retro

Image credit: dornob

If you go down to the woods today…you’ll find a contemporary, eco-friendly home, built with materials which compliment the natural surroundings. This luxurious pad may be aesthetically rustic, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the design. The award-winning home by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architecture has separate wings for master and guest, who can enjoy the scenic hillside views out of their floor-to-ceiling windows. The icing on the cake?  A ‘infinity pool’ that continues out of the house, forming a cascading forest waterfall. Is this the perfect home? Well it’s located in Utah, so no.

3. Inhabitat: Recycled toy sculptures will scare the kids

Image credit: Inhabitat

Remember how devastated you were when you’re mum decided to give all your toys to charity because you were too old for them? Well, imagine how you’d feel if she had donated them to this art project, which turns recycled toys (along with other materials) into terrifying gothic sculptures. According to the artist Kris Kuksi, this project is about ‘a new wilderness, refined and elevated, visualized as a cultivation emerging from the corrupt and demoralized fall of modern-day society.Hear that kids? Still, Barbie will fit in well.

The best of the rest:

Inhabitat: Mons lavabo sink helps kids save water when washing hands

Cool Hunting: Frédérique Morrel at Le Printemps

Design Week: Green awards fail to pick packaging winner

The Telegraph: Property: Therapy for the City Weary

The Telegraph: Interiors: Bambi Sloan’s Apartment is a frenzy of colour

The Times: Tired of country life, downsizers are moving back to the city

The Times: Salisbury: an über town that has bucked the recession

Daily Mail: Interiors: Baby it’s gold inside

Ahh Friday, j’taime. However, the advent of the weekend does mean that you will have to survive without your daily fix of design news for two whole days. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back on Monday with all the design updates. See you then folks!



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