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Thurday’s news: The ‘Megazofa’, greener indoor pastures and the death of bachelor pad 19 November, 2009

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It is unusually peaceful in the mydeco office this morning. Perhaps it is the calm before the inevitable Christmas storm. Perhaps we’re all nursing mid-week hangovers. Either way, our quiet graft has all been worth it, because we’ve found some brilliant design stories for your enjoyment today. Anything for our faithful flock…

mydeco’s pick of the top three stories:

1. dornob: Travelling transformer : Convertible couch and suitcase set

Image credit: dornob

I usually do my utmost to avoid exercise of any kind. This includes walking, standing – even lifting my arms unless absolutely necessary. Shifting from leg-to-leg  in an hour-long queue at the airport, therefore, is my idea of hell. Luckily, young designers Nieuweheren have developed a system that will soon be essential for lazy people everywhere: luggage that transforms, power-ranger style, into a sofa. Follow the link to see how it works.

2. Design milk: Get out! Forget lawns, go for creative grass

Image credit: Design Milk

Gardening is usually regarded as an activity reserved for the ‘old’ by the ipod generation. Indeed, the most interaction under 40s get with flora is the odd potted plant. This is not always due to a lack of enthusiasm – many young professionals living within large cities cannot afford the higher rent on those rare apartment blocks that have gardens.  However, this article proves that there is a way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your interior, without sacrificing the coveted ‘cool’ factor. From low maintenence faux-grass furniture to the ‘moss house’ seen above, the design possibilities are endless. The future’s green people….

3. The Independent: The end of the bachelor pad

Image credit: The Independent

The decision of ultimate bachelor Russell Brand (when did he take over George Clooney?) to sell his man-pad in London is one of many indicators that the testosterised apartment is soon to be no more. The high numbers of men made redundant due to the recession means that financially, the  typical lone-occupied home is no longer an option. So if your current partner, previously resolute in his desire to live alone suddenly decides that it’s time to move in together, chances are he is looking for a flatmate more than a fiancé. If you fit into this category, my advice would be forget men – this is the perfect opportunity for the rise of the bachelorette pad. Just think, hundreds of expensive Victorian flats decorated from top to bottom in Cath Kidston. Chintz heaven.

The best of the rest:

Guardian: How to make your own Christmas baubles

dornob: 3 innovative alternatives to traditional manhole covers

The Telegraph: The house that Griff Rhys Jones built

The Independent: B&B: turn your home into a goldmine

The Independent: Interiors: Let the colours work their own magic

Moco Loco: The return of the spinning wheel

Moco Loco: Twiggy by Burt Stern

That’s all for today I’m afraid, but make sure you stop by and see us tomorrow for this week’s final instalment of design news.



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