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Wednesday’s News: Cheesy hotel design, modern avian living and building a new world 18 November, 2009

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Need a gift idea for this year’s office secret santa? According to the Metro paper this morning, ‘Roadkill’ calendars are predicted to be popular this Christmas. No, that’s not a play on words, these calendars actually feature pictures of a different animal carcass on the road for each month of the year. According to creator Kevin Beresford, the images are meant to be ‘artistic’. DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE DAMIEN HIRST?  Luckily the mydeco team are on hand to alert you of more pleasant endeavors, with today’s selection of design news.

mydeco’s pick of the top three news stories:

1. Inhabitat: Chrome Hotel’s Swiss cheese facade saves energy

Image credit: Inhabitat

There is something aquatic about the design of this hotel in Kolkata, India. Perhaps it the porthole style windows or the blue backlighting…of course it could always be the giant ‘fins’ on the side of the building. Apparently these concrete structures protect guest’s privacy whilst blocking out heat and therefore cutting down on air-con. I have examined it from all the available photographic angles and still can’t see how it works, but maybe the design buffs amongst you can. Nevertheless, hats off to Sanjay Puri Architects for doing their bit for the polar bears whilst maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

2. Design Milk: Cube Birdhouse

Image credit: Design Milk

Apparently it’s not just humans that enjoy modern living. This cubic bird house, ‘designed by humans with birds in mind’, is available in a variety of colours – perfect for attracting only birds with the best taste. The company who masterminded the product claim it is built for longevity. Good job really, as it will probably take at least 5 more years of evolution for birds to realise what it is.

3. Design Observer: Five ways to change the world

image Credit: Design Observer

In this online essay, Professor Jonathan Massey examines how activism through architecture can change the world. It’s not exactly light bedtime reading, but the author offers some interesting perspectives on how buildings have shaped our past and will continue to transform society in the future. I should warn you that his views are extremely partial and not always pc, but if you’re interested in architecture this is definitely worth a look.

The best of the rest:

Design Milk : Twitter’s New Headquarters

Design Milk: Cloud Seating Collection

dornob : Open and hidden

Daily mail: How Trisha Goddard found sanctuary it the wilds of Maine

Daily Mail: Bobby Davro: My houses are not just bricks and mortar… they are the foundations of my new life

Daily Mail: Ruby Wax is selling in Capetown

Daily Mail: Why I live where I live: Hove gives me something, says James Morrison

Cool hunting: Equinox Fitness Clubs: Design matters

That’s all folks, but we’ll be back on the morrow with more design news to keep you entertained. Oh, and if you really are struggling with secret santa worries, make sure you check out our gift guides – I promise dead animals do not feature anywhere.



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