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Kirstie Allsopp – Made in the U.K. 13 November, 2009

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Hi, I’m Kirstie Allsopp from the mydeco design board and this is my first blog for mydeco.

I’ve been on the design board for a two years, along with Sir Terence and Philippe, and I love to keep up to date on what’s going on here.  Last week, I popped in for a meeting and was thrilled when they asked me to join the blog.  I’m obsessed with Twitter as it’s so easy to fire off quick messages and keep checking all day for replies and answers, so hopefully this blog will be an extension of my twitter obsession.  I love mydeco because it combines two of my absolute passions: beautiful interiors and property.  I was invited to join the mydeco design board two years ago and am excited to be part of the website.


Image credit: mydeco

In my latest TV venture Kirstie’s Homemade Homes, I transform a derelict house in Devon using homemade furniture and accessories, along with bargains from auctions, charity shops and even skips! I want to prove that you can create something unique and wonderful using amazing artisans from the West Country and around the UK rather than going down the same old mass-produced route. Take a look at the transformed kitchen if you don’t believe me…


Image credit: Moving sense

One of the best things about making the show was meeting British craftspeople, so it is great to hear about the Cockpit Arts Maker Difference campaign. I seem to be the last to learn about the Cockpit Studios in London, but they have some great designer-makers, such as Liz Emtage. Her ceramics impressed me so much when I stopped in to have a look that I ended up coming out with a lamp!


Image credit: Cockpit arts

We must treasure crafts like quilting, and basket making, and pottery, and encourage them. When you come across something that is really pretty and special, the knowledge that it has been made locally and that you could even see it being created, gives you confidence that the UK is producing and will continue to produce wonderful work. The media would have people believe that we no longer create excellent products in the UK. Just because the focus is not on fridges and cars, it doesn’t mean that there are not hundreds of creative people working away, in studios like this,designing and making beautiful work, which is a complete joy to have.

I’m heading in to a second series of Homemade Homes as well as the Christmas Special which will be on soon! I will be updating my blog with information about British crafts regularly, so make sure you keep checking mydeco!



1. Carolyn - 21 November, 2009

Kirstie’s Homemade Homes was fantastic and so inspirational. When will it be available on DVD?

2. Ella - 25 November, 2009

Dear Kirsty, just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your program & that i cant wait for your christmas special. You made the house look so homely & stylish. I hope there will be many more programs to come. thankyou for all the lovely ideas.

3. RITZIE - 8 December, 2009

Dear Kirsty, love your shows.
Also love the way you dress.
could you tell me where you shop for your dresses. Thank you

4. ppjewellery - 3 September, 2010

Hi Kirstie, I was already a fan of yours ,from watching location,location, location ,But I absolutely loved Homemade Homes, I love all things arts and craft and make jewellery myself, Since watching your show I have been inspired to learn other crafts too. I’m so happy to hear that there will be a second series.

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