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The Next Decade of Luxury: Spring/Summer 2010 at Next Home 9 November, 2009

Posted by Bethany Wrede Peterson in Bethany's blog.
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silvers sequin bedding

Image Credit: Next Home

2010:  a new year – a new decade!

In a continuing recession, homeware retailers have looked to maximise the illusion of luxury at crunch-worthy prices.  The last year of the noughties has seen a resurgence of rich jewel-toned hues, theatrical textures of velvets and feathers, sequins and shag.  In the next decade, we can expect to find even more luxurious finds.  At Next‘s Spring/Summer 2010 launch, the trend continues to evolve, with a little inspiration from some of the great decades past.

In 2010, the high street retailer wants everyone to feel like they live in a futuristic Kylie Minogue video, and this silver sequined bedding from the artist’s Kylie at home collection will have anyone feeling like a glamourous pop star as they slip in for some chic 21st century beauty sleep.

silver room

Image Credit: Next Home

Feel like a VIP in this hotel-inspired bedroom collection.  Shimmering metalics, angular edges, mirrored Venetian style furniture, and white-washed monochromatics evoke a contemporary return of the 1940s Art Deco illusion of affluence and aspiration.

red room set

Image Credit: Next Home

Big bold floral prints and colour-saturated farics will also help your home mimic a a sense of  extravagance this spring.   Bright optimistic florals of red roses, poppies, and pansies were featured, and wallpapers were reminiscent of the equally bold ’80s era of hedonistic decadence.

fuschia bedding

Image Credit: Next Home

Purple, and its various shades, has always been reflective of royalty.  I love this deep fuchsia bedding – from deep grape to vibrant magenta, the early ’90s hypercolour variegation creates a sense of depth and opulence.


Image Credit: Next Home

Earthy oranges and tribal accessories hint at the carefree ’70s.  Love the geo-dot and shag cushions – perfect for adding a playful touch to a modern, angularly sculpted sofa, orange is definitely a colour that will be around for a while.

green yellow

Image Credit: Next Home

The domestic goddesses of the 1950s were all about creating the perfectly organised, perfectly stylised kitchen.  While we’ve come a long way, baby,  who says our kitchens have to be boring?  These tins are functional, affordable, and just plain fun.   And the equally pastiche pastels will make a great addition to that crisp, white kitchen so popular today.

While the recession means we may have to stay at home more in 2010 than initially anticipated, Next prove that staying in really  is the new going out by keeping our homes well-styled into the next decade.



1. Kate Smith - 10 November, 2009

Glitz and glamour combined with the character and quality of great style gives a refreshing attitude to luxury. Color–greys and complex neutrals on one end of the color spectrum to rich jewel tones–along with touches of sparkle and shine capture the essence of luxury today.

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