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For the Kid at Heart: The Lego Kitchen by Munchausen 20 October, 2009

Posted by Bethany Wrede Peterson in Bethany's blog.
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Now that’s what we call upsizing!  In case you missed our Monday news blog‘s best of the rest, we here at mydeco thought we’d highlight this super-cool kitchen counter, made entirely from – you guessed it – Lego!  Okay, and maybe a bit of Ikea too.


Image Credit: The Cool Hunter

French design duo Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti of Munchausen purchased a basic kitchen island from the ubiquitous Swedish interiors company, Ikea, and spent the subsequent week affixing over 20,000 individual Lego bricks to the otherwise simple kitchen furniture.  It looks like their hard work has paid off, however, as this is one kitchen island everyone will be crowding around – regardless of what’s for dinner.


Image Credit: The Cool Hunter

Our informed prediction?  We wouldn’t be surprised if the Lego craze catches on like the recent Marmite trend, but we love this pixellated creation perhaps even more, due to the tinker-toys’ endlessly fun interior possibilities.  Think a quirky geometric chaise with cosy cushions to splash colour into a magnolia living room, or a funky console table to greet your guests with some unexpected 80s retro-chic.  Just be ready to explain to your kids where their treasured Lego bucket has absconded to!


Image Credit: The Cool Hunter

Already a big Lego fan?  Have you constructed something similar out of these little toys for your abode?  If so, send us your best images of your domestic Lego creation and you might find your work as celebrated as these guys.  After all, you don’t have to be a designer – you just need a little imagination and tap into that inner kid at heart!

To win a Lego 3 in 1 Propellor set worth around £15 (perfect for passing on to the kids for Christmas), enter our Lego photos competition. All you have to do to win is upload a photo of something you or someone else has made from Lego. Let the fun and games commence!



1. mythreesons - 21 October, 2009

This sounds fabulous! We are super interested in this phenomenon. My son loves legos and is the lego-designer of the family!

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