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Helena Christensen talks home truths 7 October, 2009

Posted by Annie Deakin in Annie's blog.

The barrier between fashion and home is a blurry one at best – as demonstrated by Habitat’s latest and hottest campaign with supermodel Helena Christensen.

Being the design buff you are, you’ll remember it’s not Helena’s first collaboration with Habitat; a few years ago, she designed a gold and green lamp for their VIP (Very Important Product) collections. But that was then and this is now and we’re preoccupied with the latest images of her interior styling.

If you haven’t seen it yet, look out for the giant billboards of Helena sitting cross legged in a pretty blue tunic (which I want) on whitewashed wooden floors in a super styled interior. The adverts are all over the tube and if you look at the website ‘This is my Habitat, you can see pictures behind the scenes.


Helena talks about her style: ‘I’d describe myself as a collector because I love finding pieces on my travels and putting them into my home. I don’t know if there’s a specific style to my place exactly people have said it’s eclectic but I’ve always felt it’s important to make your home like you are.’

‘I’d describe my perfect home as a magical place. I love low light and the way it changes when it alters a room’s atmosphere. I also like pieces that look as they were washed up in the ocean. I love finding pieces on my travels. Each one means something very personal so I come home and have memories everywhere. At home, I like combining elements such as steel, wood and glass with old pieces so that there’s a balance between the objects that have a clean, simple structure and those that have soul.’

‘One of my favorite pieces is an old cuckoo clock that my grandparents bought when they were young. It’s like the one in Winnie the Pooh.’

‘Whether it’s my clothes or my home, I don’t like things that match too well together. I like a touch of imperfection and imbalance. After all, nobody’s perfect.’




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