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Papier machie elephants, inflatable sofas, and other things 29 September, 2009

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Claude Monet said ‘ colour is my day long obsession, joy and torment’ exactly the same for me but crank up the list a little and add lighting, furniture, textiles, accessories and so on and on. I’m obsessed with all things interior. I anguish over products, covet fabulous designs, get frustrated when I can’t find what I am looking for (apart from in my head) and without a doubt live and breathe interiors.

Fresh back from the bi annual interiors fair Madison Objet in Paris I have been going through my list of orders. Did I really order a life size pink fluorescent poodle? Says so in the paperwork I even wrote down the time of day in the corner of the invoice so I must have been questioning my ability to judge late in the afternoon! To the uninitiated Maison Objet is a bi annual event and one of the largest trade fairs there is. Retailers from across Europe, US, the Far East and beyond flock and shop the fair looking for that elusive find that will delight their customers,

Being rather experienced at this trade fair lark my sister and I arrive on the dot of opening, disrobe into the floatiest thing possible (garments add weight on when walking for 8 plus hours a day so every little smidge counts – if we could just wear sheer kaftans and not be arrested – we would). We buy our baguettes from Paul first thing to avoid the lunch time ques, which are horrendous, don our flip-flops and the hunt begins.This year I have to say was a delight – day one started badly with me proclaiming that I hated everything and we would never have any stock again. My sister who is used to my pessimistic diatribe paid no heed and day two and three proved a delight.

Our eyes were taunted and delighted by inflatable sofas to super glamorise outside spaces (have ordered a load of them) – jumped for joy at the sweetest little loveseats made in France and crafted in a traditional way  (we both instantly ordered one for ourselves – don’t tell the boys, plus the store of course). Inky, petrolly blue mouth blown glass vases leaped out as us. Fabulous chandeliers shouted buy me (we did) and vases took on the shape of quirky owls  – and oh my goodness I nearly forgot about the papier-mache elephants handcrafted in Africa – just gorgeous.Now for the exciting part (once the invoices have been paid of course)  – is to sit back and wait for it all to arrive. I hope you love our new collection as much as we do.

One of our most fabulous finds below – inflatable sofa’s and chairs.




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