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Hot, new design collective discovered at Designersblock 2009 28 September, 2009

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Some of the most exciting pieces I found at Designersblock last week were from new design collective Tales of Design.

Fresh out of college and formed only weeks before Designersblock opened its doors, the collective consists of six fresh-faced and excitable designers whose common goal is to ‘create innovative, fun and meaningful furniture‘.


Image credit: Tales of Design

Sensibly, the group support and inspire one another but are not tied to the collective. Each member has free rein to venture out on their own, giving their individual talents room to flourish and allowing for personal successes. The result of this flexibility and understanding is a collection whose pieces are totally diverse but beautifully cohesive, much like the collective itself.

We interviewed one the designers, Jenny Walsh, who encourages people to ‘make friends with her furniture’. The Chase bookcases (above) store your favourite books while keeping your favourite pages open for quick reference. Clever design with a beautiful abstract style.


Image credit: Tales of Design

Her My City coffee table (above) has a map of Dublin city embedded in its surface. The white, angular shapes represent the city’s buildings, whilst the walnut plan ‘reflects the more organic pattern of human movement visible just below the surface of every city’. Not only is the table clever and considered, it is also designed to encourage interaction and engagement. Jenny told us that she writes ‘meet me here’ notes for her housemates and leaves them on the corresponding points of the map. Love it.

This is a collective with warmth and innovation in abundance and pieces to match. Definitely one to watch.



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