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How to get style – first mydeco blog by Abigail Ahern 9 September, 2009

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Greetings, I am Abigail Ahern designer and owner of hip interiors store Atelier Abigail Ahern and am hugely excited to be invited to guest blog on mydeco (a site I reference daily)!

To kick-start my weekly blog I started to think about Style – how to get it, create it, buy it are questions I am often asked. I might be doing myself out of a job here but anyone can create a truly beautiful space that is individual, eclectic and fabulous.

First up you need a big dose of confidence and a positive state of mind – start thinking about turning your pad from ordinaire to extradinaire. With this in mind become a sticky beak Australian lingo for nosy parker. Flick through magazines, books, the web and flag and tear out images that appeal to you. Soon you will build up a library that once you start analyzing will be held together by a few common threads. This could be particular colour palette or style – French rustic mixed with industrial chic for example.

Next up connect to your space (designer speak for thinking about some simple design fundamentals). Scale, balance, proportion, light, colour, texture and space. That done, you can start thinking about your pad as a place that represents you and all that you love.
Ignore all that bang on trend stuff about what’s in and what’s out and just go with your heart. You will make mistakes – I once painted a whole room aubergine (hated it so much that being the impatient being that I am) painted it all back again to the previous colour the very same day. Persevere though – its so worth it.

To me home is a place where I rejuvenate, relax and retreat from the outside world. It takes effort to put together a space that’s surprising, enlightening, personal and eclectic – but every time I walk through the door my heart skips a beat. To me my pad is the most fabulous place on earth to hang out in!
Photographer Rachel Smith shot my house for Australian Belle Magazine and as you can see I am drawn to juxtaposing unusual finds that delight my eye. The fab thing about creating your own style is that you don’t have to have an A list budget of even a personal stylist to achieve it.


Image 1 – Living Room
My pad – deepest darkest grey floors and walls add a sophisticated touch to my living room. Different types of furniture and lighting sit happily alongside each other to give it that eclectic personal feel


Image 2 – Dining Room
My dining room with its touch of unconventionality and dash of eccentricity is to me the magic that binds the space together. An oversized floor lamp teamed with teenie weenie chairs adds a tongue in cheek approach. A fabulously beautiful mouth blown glass pendant from Venice is teamed with a flea market table, chipped a bit worn round the edges but very much loved!



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