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Wednesday’s news: Brad Pitt, trees in cars and Hartley’s jam 26 August, 2009

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Need a mid-week news update? If you’re like us, we need a daily fix of design and property news, goss and goings on to start the day so you’ve definitely come to the right place. mydeco’s news team have been busy scouring the net, newspapers and trade magazines to keep you in the latest loop of news.  Here’s what we found this morning:

Design Week: Lighthouse goes into administration

The credit crunch strikes again. This sad news has wrinkled a frown upon the brow of mydeco’s news boff Lucinda.

This next story should cheer her up though:


Image credit: The Telegraph

The Telegraph: Take a shower with Robert Pattinson

The heart-throb star of hit vampire movie Twilight has printed his rugged mug onto shower curtains. So if you know of anyone bitten with the Pattinson lust-bug then this is a guaranteed five star present.

The Telegraph: Fan buys Withnail and I farmhouse

The Telegraph: Raising the eco– roof over our heads

The Telegraph: Health and safety to ban hanging baskets?


Image credit: MoCo Loco

MoCo Loco: Trees that drive you round the block

A car as a tree planter- who’d have thought it! This is a brilliantly conceptual, aesthetic and fun idea from Milan and can turn city streets into a creative green oasis at the switch of a key.

MoCo Loco: New design – The BarDeco Bookcase by Lina Meier

The Independent: A German auction house prepares to sell Adolf Hitler’s watercolour paintings


Image credit: The Independent

The Guardian: Climate Camp descends on London today

Like most things associated with climate, this band of merry do-gooders don’t really know what they’re doing! It’s for a good cause though so join in in you can spare a minute.

Homes and Property: Flat in former Hartley’s Jam Factory goes on the market

Even with a knock-down price tag I’d still want a lifetime supply of plum jam to go with the place. The piggy in the bank needs feeding.


Image credit: The Telegraph

Homes and Property: Style trend – Latin luxury

BBC NEWS: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles may be turned into flats

That’s flats of the property variety and not the marsh land flats which are home to the Hound!

If you’re as nosy as we are you’ll love this bit of celeb trespassing:

The Real Estalker: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are settlin down in the French countryside


Image credit: The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker: Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy husband are selling Mediterranean mansion

Hooked on Houses: Take a sneak peek around Julianne Moore’s West Village Townhouse



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