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Soil Clock? Really? 24 July, 2009

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Ever wondered what would happen if the whole world blacked out? With no electricity? How would our modern day products function without it?

Well hope prevails for all you Eco-conscious beings as Dutch product designer Marieke Staps, has found a way to use Mother Nature to aid our living in the 21st Century, by designing an alarm clock that is powered by mud!


Instead of killing time, she has found a way of growing time! Her clock is solely powered by plugging it into soil. Her soil-powered biological clock was first showcased at Dutch Design Week in 2008, and more recently exhibited at Dwell on Design Ecology Show 2009 in Los Angeles.

To keep time, copper and zinc electrodes are used to plug into two plants. This soil then operates as a conductive medium or an electrode where an electric current can flow. The natural metabolism of the biological plants, powers out enough current to keep the clock ticking.

Think this product needs more organic credentials?- the life of the clock depends on the life span of the plant, so keep watering the plant and the clock keeps ticking!



1. billybob - 27 September, 2009

how come people claim to have discovered things when kids have been playing with this technology for ages?
there was a potato clock years ago that used the same zink plated nail and copper nail cell years ago…

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