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Griff Rhys Jones and mydeco 16 July, 2009

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Earlier this week I had a fantastic day graduating with a 2:1 in English Literature from Cardiff University. But the highlight wasn’t doffing the cap or even the champagne and strawberries –  it was meeting the guest speaker Griff Rhys Jones who told me that he’s a huge fan of mydeco!

Griff Rhys Jones, second from right, with his TV crew

Griff Rhys Jones, second from right, with his TV crew

Credit: ccgd

The Welsh comedian, writer and actor is famous for being a regular panellist on Not the Nine O’Clock News, his sketch shows with Mel Smith and their successful TalkBack Productions company. During  the ceremony Griff received an Honorary Fellowship and his speech had all the new graduates and parents laughing their heads off with stories of his own University days. I thought my glimpse of him on stage would be it but, bizarrely enough, just minutes later I suddenly found myself in the Press Office practically sitting on his lap!

As soon as the ceremony had ended I was whisked away by a photographer who plonked me on a sofa next to Griff blowing on his hot coffee. The photographer waved a hand at me, saying “just pretend your big pals, having a chat and a laugh”.  As we made awkward chit chat with big teethy smiles I happened to mention mydeco and it turns out that Griff is a big fan! He told me how he’d been using mydeco every day last week to look for a sofa (he had to pause for the grad ceremony and will get back on the site later this week).  My new mate Griffy then told me that he loves the 3D room planning tools.  And as the photographer said “great Griff, yeah just keep chatting, smiling…” for the hundredth time (I don’t know what he thought we were doing instead) he revealed that he’s been encouraging his soon-to-be-graduated architect son to check us out too.

Then I was bundled out of the Press Office, gown akimbo, yelling over my shoulder “look up Squint’s Chesterfield sofas on mydeco! They’re really cool!”

I told Griff Ryhs Jones to look at a Squint Chesterfield when I bumped into him duirng my 'photoshoot' with him at graduation!

A bright and bold patchwork Chesterfield sofa (£4, 400) from Squint Limited.

And Griff, if your reading this, you should also look up our Top ten corner sofas and Top ten quilted products for some brilliant seating inspiration.



1. mark Chesterfield - 22 July, 2009

It seems that patchwork chesterfields are all the rage as we’re also making one for a designer ‘down south’ we’ll post pictures on our blog soon!

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