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Damien Hirst designs Lance Armstrong’s bike 14 July, 2009

Posted by Annie Deakin in Annie's blog.

Just like the design and fashion industries, my life is full of passing fads. I’m in the early stages of a love affair with my new bicycle – which not only looks extremely chic (it’s a pistachio green Ridgeback, the ultimate in bike beautiful), but also makes London half the size and saves me money.
It seems I’m in good company. The humble bicycle has garnered some unexpected fans in the way of the world’s uber artists and designers.

Damien Hirst, Marc Newson, Shepard Fairey and Yoshimoto Nara are supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation and its Livestrong cancer campaign. Armstrong is a bit of a hero in my family; he survived Testicular cancer (like my little brother) going on to win the Tour de France seven times. So what’s he riding?
Forget BMX, think the kind of high end designed bicycle you’d prop against your sofa, not hide in the garage.

Marc Newson’s bike for Lance is an engineer’s delight decorated in graphic yellow spots on a black background. And as for Hirst’s bicycle, don’t expect dead sharks or lambs in Hirst’s bike. Instead, Hirst’s decorated bike features his signature butterfly motif and will be used for the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris on 26 July.
Suddenly, my ridgeback seems awfully plain Jane – the next fad might just be a designer bicycle.


Image from Limited Hype



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