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Droog designs 13 July, 2009

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Droog high chair, image from allmodern.com

Droog high chair, image from allmodern.com

Droog is an Amsterdam based company that first came into the Design world in the early nineties. The Dutch word ‘Droog’ actually stands for ‘dry’ or ‘wry’ which has defined their company for over a decade, as a conceptual design company.

This company values what it means to be human in accordance with beauty and meaning. They desire for high quality experiences at its core and believe that luxury of content rather than luxurious materials is far more important.

Droog has definitely lived up to their values by producing some amazing pieces, such as the high-chair, where they had taken the design of Maartje Steenkamp and developed it where the legs could be cut off as the child grows older. Then eventually it would just be a chair where children could play with!

They are usually best known for their high end, high priced, one off pieces of furniture,however, Droog have produced a cheaper range of self-assembly furniture; “We want to make design more normal. You make something more normal when it is accessible to people. Not only the top people.”

Droog, Studio Makkink & Bey, Milan Design Week 2009

Droog, Studio Makkink & Bey, Milan Design Week 2009

Many have criticised Droog for preserving their conceptual ideas and turning to more accessible furniture. However, I believe that Droog have created a dream world for all DIY lovers. Imagine if all furniture was like a jigsaw puzzle, without the need of screws and bolts, where all the pieces just slid and fit into one-another. Assembling furniture would no longer be seen as a chore!

Regardless of what the critics have to say, Droog, is undoubtedly pioneers of their time (well in my eyes anyway).

I think they put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’.



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