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Beach Living 13 July, 2009

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Beach Living

With the poor economic climate that’s seems to refuse to improve anytime soon, many have decided to postpone their desirable yearly holidays, and retreat in the comfort of their own home; thus, inspiring me to create a look that brings the holiday sun into your home: Beach Living.

To re-create the holiday mood at home try adding rattan furniture, place your exotic souvenirs on display against a light background to give that ‘just-off-the-beach’ feel.
Keep the look clean with neutral colours for the walls and add either dark or light wood furniture to contrast against the background. Keep the look somewhat symmetrical, but don’t feel afraid to mix up the furniture to add some quirkiness to the room.

If you choose to do so, however, keep within the same colour scheme, ensuring that the look flows throughout the space. Some may feel that a neutral palette is out-dated, and to some extent I have to admit that I agree too, so in this look, I decided to add a vibrant feature colour. I’ve opted for turquoise as it highlights and compliments the art work in this room.

Speaking of the artwork, it’s so enormous that it practically covers the whole wall, making it the main feature in the room. The easiest way of bringing some holiday warmth into your home is literally bringing the beach into it, with wall murals at roughly £80!

So no need to head down to the beach anymore, instead cosy up on your sofa and drift away to sleep with an amazing view of clear waters, white sand and blue skies.

Shop for your perfect sea view at mydeco.com.



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