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My first ever guest blog for mydeco! 7 July, 2009

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Writing a blog is never quite as easy as it seems (I’m assuming it seems easy, it probably doesn’t) – striking a tone, setting a mood, saying something remotely interesting – it’s all quite intimidating really. Despite my apparent reticence, this month I am set to step up to the plate as mydeco’s newest guest blogger – and I suppose there’s no better way to start than by introducing myself.

Well, my name is Teo and I’m an arts and design journalist living in London, I write for Wallpaper* magazine among others, and aside from spending my time scouring blogs in search of the latest trends, and hot -footing it round town to keep my finger on the proverbial pulse, I like to cook, talk, eat, drink and eventually sleep – oh, and I do the occasional bit of painting as well.

When it comes to design I’m partial to anything with a bit of an artistic edge (you can take the boy out of Wallpaper* etc…) -some of my favourites at the mo include Fredrikson Stallard’s gloopy polyurethane rugs – like big, glossy red paint spillages, and lighting by Stuart Haygarth – his stunning high-colour chandeliers come made from hundreds of party poppers, old specs and recycled bottles (living proof that good design can (and should) always start at home).


Stuart Haygarth’s Millennium Chandelier

When it comes to my own space, I tend to take a bit of a hodge-podge approach, a few over-the-top traveling trinkets here, a Habitat vase there, a homemade photo frame or two – I’m pretty relaxed on the whole. My latest acquisition (an antique Guatemalan wall hanging) should give you some sort of an idea of the directionless direction I like to take – to my mind, design without personality is more often than not, just bad design.

So now that I’ve revealed a little more than perhaps is decent about myself, I’m hoping that you, the good readers of the mydeco blog, will indulge me in the occasional vent of my design spleen. I’ll be providing a weekly account of everything going on in the worlds of art and design that I think is great – in the hopes that you’ll think so too.



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