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Kelly Hoppen mugged for Rolex 6 July, 2009

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World renowned interior designer and mydeco community member, Kelly Hoppen, was mugged as she walked home alone through Notting Hill last Friday. Unfortunately for Kelly, her Rolex watch caught the mugger’s greedy eye, as it sparkled on her wrist in all its £10,000 glory.


Kelly Hoppen was mugged for her Rolex, like this Rolex watch £82.23 from Amazon:

Kelly Hoppen was mugged in Notting Hill for her Rolex

The attack left her very shaken up with cuts and bruises all over her wrist and hand from where the mugger had violently yanked it – and minus one very expensive wrist watch. Her spokesperson said: ‘She was frightened by the whole experience but she’s doing okay and getting on with things.’

This may be just one attack in a string of celebrity muggings, with singer Rachel Stevens having her diamond engagement ring snatched off of her finger in Regents’ Park last month.

At the top of the design hierarchy, Kelly’s clientèle includes many famous label-crazy and fashion conscious stars, such as Elton John and Posh and Becks. She started her business at the very young age of 16 and has worked her way up to become a design icon, thanks to her calm and elegant aesthetic which concentrates on neutral tones and beautiful symmetry.

Kelly's style is calm and neutral

Kelly's style is calm and neutral

If you want to know more about Kelly and steal some of her design tips in a much friendlier manner, check out her page on the mydeco community site.



1. Myra - 8 July, 2009

Woah. I was supposed to buy a Mauboussin Watch for my bf… but really… geting mugged for an expensive watch?

2. testsubject692003 - 22 February, 2010

Hmm, you really shouldn’t be just walking around with that kind of a watch. :0(

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