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Are you house proud? 3 July, 2009

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According to the latest research from the boffins at mydeco, Milton Keynes is the most house proud town in the country (and Croydon is the least!)   The House Proud Towns Index was created by analysing mydeco’s 750,000 monthly unique users over the course of a year.  The findings show that the famous ‘new town’ contains more people interested in designing and shopping for their homes than anywhere else in the country.

So, despite the recession, our homes are still our castles! 

The study also found we’re a bunch of tidy freaks too, with a third of Brit’s insisting visitors take their shoes off at the front door and over half admit to feeling flustered when guests turn up unannounced and their home is untidy.  A fifth of us even admit to pretending to be out when unexpected visitors call, if we haven’t had a chance to clear up! 

Top psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said,  “It just goes to shows that even this credit crunch can’t stop us being immensely proud of the home we live in.  To a large extent it’s about feeling we are investing in those things that make us feel safe and that give us an identity.  While we may be willing to forgo evenings out and even holidays, investing in our homes gives us a feeling of consistency and comfort.”

See the full House Proud Index here.  There’s also a chance to win money, if you’re proud of your home!  Whether you live in a house, flat, bungalow, boat, caravan submit a photograph of your home for your chance to win £1,000.  Click here to enter House Proud competition.



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