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Crochet is back in fashion 2 July, 2009

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Crochet. It’s the coolest, most outrageous, diva-esque, party animal hobby, right? Perhaps not, which is probably why I’m more surprised than I should be to hear that try-hard celeb slinkies have put down their champagne flutes and are picking up a ‘how to crochet’ guide instead!

Proving me wrong, this Moooi Crochet Occasional table (£749) from Nest is quirky and modern and the crochet rose cushion cover (£11.95) from dotcomgiftshop are cute and retro:


Sienna Miller (or Serial Miller as some of you have dubbed her) has recently been talking about how she’s taken up the tranquil art of crochet, even offering to make pal Kate Moss a crocheted woolly hat for winter. Since putting her London home on the market a few weeks ago, she really does seem to be distancing herself from the hectic pace of London, her tantrums, slatings and controversial love affairs for something altogther more peaceful and domestic. It’s even been reported that she’s joined ‘ravelry’ – the social netowrking site for crochet enthusiasts! Steady on! Well, all I can say is good luck – and if it helps her to relinquish her infamous hobby of married men then many a woman will no doubt be sending her catalogues of macramé patterns.



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