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Maggie Thatcher home from hospital 30 June, 2009

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Poor Maggie Thatcher. The one-time Iron Maiden is more Doddering Cronie after her recent fall which resulted in a nasty broken arm two weeks ago. But you’ve got to hand it to her, at 83 and with dementia decreasing her awareness and memory, she still attends ceremonial functions and even had the grace to wave and smile at the press when she returned to her home from hospital yesterday – a very rare display for any politician to perform.

Maggie was the first woman to lead a political party in the UK and the first female Prime Minister, with her tenure lasting for an unprecedented three terms, from 1979 until she resigned in 1990. Certainly more impressive than ol’ Gordon Brown, agreed? So let’s pay tribute to her heyday with a few comeback classics from the ’80’s:

A set of three lavender bags (£17.60), available in neon aqua, pink and chocolate from Clarissa Hulse.


This Kartell Pop armchair (£851.91) from Nest is upholstered in faded denim and features transparent plastic sides – very eighties fashion!


As is this Denim Jeans cushion (£29) from Eco Emporia.




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