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What’s on your wonder wall? 23 June, 2009

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It sounds like something that Joey from Friends would dream up. Four TVs, a built in beer keg, a live sport ticker, a microwave, ipod docking station and built in sound system. This ‘Man Wall’ which has just been unveiled by manufacturer HybridSpace LLC could only have been designed by, er… a man.


The ‘man wall’ and an ‘octodesk’ manufactured by HybridSpace furniture

Retailing at £9,000 this man unit is the work of two designers who saw a gap in the market for a moden day ‘man cave’. Co-designer Vince Caruso says ‘This is the Taj Mahal of man room accessories, it has everything but the kitchen sink and we only left that out to make space for the kegerator.’ Quite.

Well, anything that boys can do, we can do better. Here at mydeco towers we did a quick straw poll to see what us girls would choose to install on the female equivalent of the ‘man wall.’


We’d swap beer for wine and cocktails and insist on a well stocked DVD cupboard

The boys get four TVs; we’d settle for one, as long as it was accompanied with the entire box set collection of Sex and The City. They can’t live without a built in beer keg, we’d be happy with a fridge stocked with chilled wine and a good supply of chocolate. They can keep the live sport ticker, we’d settle for a live RSS feed from the top shopping sites so we never miss a sale again. A cigar humidifier and a microwave? No thanks, we’d make much better use of the space by installing hair straighteners, a make up kit and a good mirror. Unlike most men, we can multi task, so getting glammed up whilst keeping up to date with the latest adventures of Carrie and co would be easy. We’d keep the ipod dock and sound system, but would seriously reconsider the colour of the unit. The boy’s version is a heavy dark wood – perfect for creating a dark ‘man cave’ atmosphere, but we’d keep things much lighter with fresh whitewashed wooden shelving. Now, how do I place an order…



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