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Highlights at Pulse 2009 8 June, 2009

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Cool Seating

It seems that designers never stop coming up with innovative and fresh approaches to chair design. This year’s Pulse exhibition was no exception, with some eye-popping-ly original chairs and stools on display. My personal favourite was the Tea Cup stool by Holly Palmer. The stool has a surrealist, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ edge and comes in a range of bright paint-box colours. It is also super light so you can easily move it around to funk up either your living room or your garden.


Blue Marmalade’ exhibited some interesting origami-style chairs and stools. Working with curves and holes, both the pop chair and the low cut stool, form beautiful, sculptural shapes.

Pop chair


Low cut stool


Cool kitchen Ware

As well as funky furniture, Pulse flaunted some original and quirky kitchen ware. I simply loved the organic shapes of the Norman Copenhagen tableware, especially in the pure white porcelain.

Familia tableware



After researching chopping boards this week, my eagle eye spotted one of the coolest on the market. It’s hard not to appreciate the witty, loaf shaped bread-board from the Dutch retailer Present Time. Present Time had a whole host of tempting goodies on display, all with a humorous approach to functional design.

Bread Board


For a more mature, but equally stylish approach to kitchen design, I was particularly fond of Eva Solo’s carafes with insulating jackets. The insulating cover is designed to keep the contents cold and comes in seven bold colours- I like the zingy lime!




There were some fantastic vases at the Pulse exhibition, and now that summer is in full bloom, there seem to be tons of fresh ideas to display your beautiful bunches. The Norman Copenhagen Grass Vase would bring a touch of nature into your home. Seeing as each grass vase is handmade, they are highly unique products. I would simply love to have a grass vase myself, and I’m sure it would become such a talking point amongst my friends.

Grass Vasegrass-vase-by-normann-copen

Norman Copenhagen also exhibited the Kontour vase at Pulse and once again, the designers have taken inspiration from the organic forms of nature.  The Kontour vase is based on the birds-eye view of a flower. Each petal could act as a separate vase, so that if you were feeling particularly creative, you could produce an arresting flower arrangement.

Kontour Vase kontour

Although Norman Copenhagen’s Herb Stand is not quite a vase, it is an especially fun and functional design to grow herbs in your kitchen. You can rotate the separate cups, so that you could potentially have four different herbs growing simultaneously. It is ingenious and so much cheaper (and prettier) than the expensive herb packs you buy in the supermarket.

Herb standherb_stand_2

The vases by Sue Ure, from the ‘Poterie St. Michel’ had a handmade artisan quality. Sue plays around with both geometric and curved forms in fine stoneware clay.

Sue Uresue-ure-1

Last but by no means least, is the Bouquet vase by visuallyod. The porcelain branches are startlingly realistic and are tied together to form the beautiful sculptural vase. With all of the above for inspiration, it is definitely the time to get picking or purchasing some blooming gorgeous flowers!




1. Kelly Brown - 12 June, 2009

Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

2. Melanie - 4 August, 2009

This is a really great post, I love Norman Copenagen’s teapot. Blue Marmalade have also got a facebook page now, which has got a link to your post.


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