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Finding the beauty in the beast 27 May, 2009

Posted by Annie Deakin in Annie's blog.
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It’s official; insects are invading our homes this summer by invitation. Entomology, that’s bugs and butterflies to you and me, is the hottest trend to trickle from the catwalk to the home shops.


As is customary for interior trends, the root of this look stems from the fashion world. We can thank dressmakers Diane von Furstenburg and Collette Dinnigan for the bugs on our bed linen, furniture and china. Creepy crawlies are swarming over the high street shops; Laura Ashley’s design team were bang on trend with their summer collection which is swarming with butterflies – lamps, mirrors, even lollipop moulds are covered in the fluttery creatures.

House of Fraser has introduced hot Aussie designer Tracie Stevens with a wild bedlinen range Flight covered in swarms of yellow, blue and brown butterflies. blog-flight_bedlinen_by_81880

Meanwhile, mydeco favourite Clarissa Hulse has launched new dragonfly prints…


But it’s not all pretty and whimsical. The dark side of nature is out in force; Royal College of Art graduate Michael Angove is shaking up the design world with large-scale prints of spider webs, praying mantis and scorpions. Likewise, Scottish design studio Timorous Beasties, who are cracking the New York market as I write, have become legends for their funky prints featuring big beatles, flies and thistles; the kind of things usually overlooked by artists.


I am taking this entomology trend with gusto… My sister George gave me a wall mounted display of tropical butterflies by Zambia-born artist Nick Jeffries; it is out of this world. The mirror backings of his museum-style cases showcase the underside and often, more beautiful, of the butterflies’ wings. If rumours are to be believed, Kate Moss collects Jeffries’ butterfly cases.


What did I say? Bugs are totally in vogue.



1. White knight - 28 May, 2009

This trend is the bees’ knees! Am totally getting the bug trend – I saw some cool scorpions and big beetles behind glass in a funky boutique called Artique (I think) on the Fulham Road. They look brilliant amongst a load of old leather books – am planning to re-create this look at home…

2. AndrewBoldman - 5 June, 2009

Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.

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